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Private Coaching

Tour Proven Coaching Program is a GAME CHANGER.

Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Simple, Fun and Informative Format.

Take a step in the right direction and develop the game and skills you can be proud of and others will envy.

Imagine how good it will feel when you flush that first tee shot and your playing partners stare in amazement.  How good would it feel to chip the ball close to hole from off the green and simply tap it in for par? Sounds too easy? Let us show you how.

Confirm what youve always believed in your heart and become the golfer you’ve always wanted to be. Hire your own Personal Golf Coach let us help you to take your existing game to a higher level!










You'll begin with a Complimentary On-Course Game Assessment with me followed by a sit down session to discuss the findings and a suggested plan for improvement. 

Next we'll lay out a personalized lesson plan so you can learn what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. This lesson plan can be in the form of group or private instruction. 

While you are taking lessons to better understand what you need to do, you will also have the opportunity to attend supervised skill development sessions at our Practice Club where you will develop the technical skills to use on the course. These sessions will help to eliminate time consuming mistakes during practice and have you playing better sooner!

Throughout your improvement process you will have the opportunity to participate in our On Course Golf Skills Challenges. Not only will you have the chance test your skills but learn the skills of decision making and self discipline to help you perform better in competitive situations. 

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